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Detailed explanation of mechanical seals for corrosion protection of common sense
Jun 18, 2016

1, surface corrosion. If touching the corrosive medium metal ring appearance, corrosion resistance and the metal itself is not, it will attack surface corrosion, the phenomenon is leaked, early wear and tear, damage, noise, etc. Metal surface corrosion film and non-film in two shapes, no film of metal corrosion risk, known as stress corrosion break, selection of welding carbide and cast iron and tungsten carbide, titanium carbide sealing rings, simple stress corrosion break. To speed the process of decay, Galvanic corrosion increased.
2, breaking stress corrosion. Effect of metal corrosion and tensile stress in lower-mounted mechanical seal, wear resistance. Fill F4 mainly refers to fill selected corrosion, dissolution or metamorphosis is damaged. Such as hydrofluoric acid, fiberglass heat corrosion and cracks in these communications the whole seal, accelerates the wear of end face, the leak quantity added.

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