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Gear pumps demand for mechanical seal
Jun 18, 2016

1) sealing device in working long hours in sealed condition is safe, leakage is very small, which leaked out about soft packing seal 1%:
2) long using life, in oil, in aqueous media is usually up to 1-2 or more. in the medium of mechanical seals for pumps usually work more than six months:
3) wipe the power cost is small, and its conflict of power only for soft packing seal of 10%~50%
4) shaft or sleeve basically wear:
5) long repair period. surface wear can take the initiative of satisfaction, usually do not need repairs:
6) seismic good, on the oscillations of a rotating shaft and shaft on the seal cavity of oblique sensitive:
7) for a wide range of mechanical seal used in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, not the same rotation frequency, and a variety of corrosive and abrasive medium seal.

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