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Mechanical seal installation notes
Jun 18, 2016

(1) to determine the size of
When installing, use description of the product should be importing books or samples of mechanical seal, ensure the installation of mechanical seal size.
(2) before the mount, shaft (axle), the gland should be without Burr, bearings are in good condition; seals, shafts, seals, gland should be cleaned. To reduce friction, axial mechanical seal is installed on the site to be thinly coated with oil, lubrication, taking into account the rubber o-rings that soluble the cartridge mechanical seal, if not oil, can be coated with soapy water. Float-mounted stationary ring structure with no anti-rotating pin, not oiled, dry-mount press cover.
(3) the first static ring together with the cover installed on the shaft, be careful not to have collided with the shaft, then ring Kit mount. Spring seat and drive socket set screws should be evenly tightened.
Without fixed before capping, a hand pushed compensation rings for axial compression, release the compensation ring to automatically bounce card lag-free, then the CAP locking bolts evenly.

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