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Oil-lubricated seals-Silicon Carbide seal
Jan 06, 2017

Tungsten Carbide - This is a material used for the manufacturing of the 

seal’s faces. Tungsten Carbide is a two part material. Tungsten and Carbide are 

mixed together and combined with a matrix. In this case, the material is cobalt. 

The seal face in made by placing the combined materials in a mold and under 

extreme pressure and temperature, is formed. 

Sintered Silicon Carbide - This is a material used for the manufacturing of 

the seal’s faces. Silicon carbide is highly wear resistant and also has good 

mechanical properties, including high temperature strength and thermal shock 

resistance. Silicon Carbide, as a technical ceramic, is produced in two main 

ways. Reaction bonded Silicon Carbide is made by infiltrating compacts made of 

mixtures of Silicon Carbide and Carbon with liquid Silicon. The Silicon reacts 

with the Carbon forming Silicon Carbide. The reaction product bonds the Silicon 

Carbide particles. Sintered Silicon Carbide is produced from pure Silicon 

Carbide powder with non-oxide sintering aids. Conventional ceramic forming 

processes are used and the material is sintered in an inert atmosphere at 

temperatures up to 2000°C or higher. 

Double Floating, Self Aligning - This is a feature that describes the 

performance of the stationary and rotating seal faces. The elastomers adjacent 

to the seal faces allow for the seal faces to change in angularity due to shaft 

deflection and align themselves. 

Oil Lubricated - This describes the means in which the seal is lubricated. 

The oil supplied through a reservoir in the design of the pump allows for a film 

of oil to support the seal faces and acts as a means to assist in transferring 

heat from the seal faces. 

The seal requires nearly no maintenance. Periodic inspection the seal 

cavity oil is recommended. If this oil becomes contaminated with the product 

pumped, the oil may turn a milky white color. It may also appear as though there 

is simply water in the oil as well. The leak may be severe enough to push the 

oil from the seal cavity through the lubrication hardware. If the water turns 

milky or there is evidence of water in the oil, an oil change is recommended 

with subsequent closer inspections.

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