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Sealing tape: how to preserve
Jun 18, 2016

Want rubber seal using longer words, preventing seal aging, maintenance work and ultimately, Grundfos mechanical seal, check the seal is not cracked, dust should be promptly packed, small cracks can still study the area of repair, but when there is a large area of aging, you need to replace the rubber seal.
Rubber seal replacement is very brief, devices, mostly directly into iron seam sealed. But require careful fit, if fit is not good, the sealing effect can have an impact, and accelerated wear, very simple ageing, when viewed from the outside cartridge mechanical seals, sealing and body healthy is just fine.
When car owners feelings inside the sealing effect is not good, or when you want very good sound insulation, sealing is very important to sealing bar owners need to be extra carp in the purchase, maintenance and replacement in a timely manner is very important.

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