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The use of mechanical seal for Kettle
Jun 18, 2016

1, normal use, operating at atmospheric pressure, observe seal mechanical seal for Kettle temperature is normal, there is any leakage. Slight leakage, can run for some time, end-jointing more evenly, to gradually reduce leakage to normal. Such as working 1-3 hours, still does not reduce the leakage, then stop.

2, host before starting, check mechanical seal auxiliary equipment, cooling mechanical seal for Kettle run smooth sliding system is perfect.

3, before starting to clean the pipeline to prevent rust and impurity entering the sealed Chamber.

4, with their hands moving joints, check that the shaft is easy to rotate, if the disc is very heavy, check installation dimensions are correct.

5, light car, subject to hydrostatic test, check the mechanical seal faces, seals and the seal cover seal effect, if you have any questions, check solution.

6, before starting the host should be kept sealed cavity filled with fluid or medium to be sealed, should start if there is a separate system, also began to circulate cooling water system.

7, normal condition of operation, booster heating respectively slowly, and note the end of temperature rise and leakage, if everything was all right, that can be put into production use.

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