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Valve sealing performance
Jun 18, 2016

Valve is the valve sealing performance of seal's ability to prevent media leaks, it is the most important valve technical performance indicators. Valve seals in three parts: hoist Kettle machinery seal and valve seat sealing surface at the contact between the two; packed with the valve stem and the stuffing of the match; the valve body and bonnet joint. Kettle machinery seal previous leakage is called the internal leakage, which is commonly referred to as doesn't stay closed, it will affect the ability of valve truncated media.

Cut off valves, leakage is not allowed. Two of the leaks is called leakage, that media leaks from within the valve out of the valve. Leakage would cause material loss, environmental pollution, which can also cause accidents. For inflammable, explosive, toxic or radioactive medium, leakage is not allowed, thus the valves must have a reliable sealing performance.

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