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Application Of Dry Gas Seals Technology In Water Pump
Oct 24, 2017

First, dry gas seals overview

Dry gas seals is the late sixties of the twentieth century from the gas dynamic pressure bearing on the basis of the development of a new non-contact seal. The seal uses the principle of hydrodynamics to achieve the non-contact operation of the sealed end face by opening the press groove on the sealing end face. After several years of research, the British John Crane company in the late seventies the first dry gas seals applied to the offshore platform of the gas transmission equipment, and to be successful. Dry gas seals was originally designed to solve the problem of high-speed centrifugal compressor shaft seal, due to the seal non-contact operation, so the sealing friction material is not limited by the PV value, especially suitable for high-speed, high pressure equipment shaft seal.

In short, where the use of mechanical seals can be used dry gas seals. Compared with the mechanical seal, dry gas seals has the following advantages: 1, sealed long life, stable and reliable operation; 2, sealed power consumption is small, only about 5% of contact mechanical seal; 3, and other non-contact seal 5, the sealing aid system is simple, reliable, the use of no maintenance; 5, can be used to achieve a small amount of gas,

Second, the centrifugal pump dry gas seals centrifugal pump to send the media for the liquid.

According to different working conditions, the following types of seals can be used: 1, double end dry gas seals double face dry gas seals can be used in the vast majority of centrifugal pump shaft seal, it has the following characteristics: 1) with "gas block "Replace the traditional" liquid clogging "principle, that is, with a pressure seal gas instead of pressure seal fluid to ensure that the process medium to achieve" zero escape "; 2) the entire package of non-contact operation, the power consumption is only traditional double- 5%, the service life is 5 times longer than the traditional seal; 3) simple structure of the auxiliary system to ensure that the process medium is not contaminated and the process medium does not leak to the atmosphere, completely out of the traditional double-face mechanical seal on the oil system.

Sealing gas using industrial nitrogen or industrial instrument wind, the pressure is higher than the medium 0.15-0.2MPa.

 Pumps with double end dry gas seals is: 1) need a certain pressure of the gas source, gas pressure at least higher than the medium pressure 0.2MPa; 2) a trace of gas into the process. 2, the series of dry gas seals pump series dry gas seals has the following characteristics: 1) dry gas seals and contact mechanical seal in series, the mechanical seal-based seal, dry gas seals for the secondary seal; 2) dry gas seals and 3) the main seal leakage process media with the sealing gas into the torch to ensure that the process medium does not leak to the atmosphere, is a kind of Environmental protection seal; 4) the main seal failure, dry gas seals for a short time to play the main seal, to prevent the process medium to the atmosphere a lot of leakage. 5) The service life of this type of seal depends on the service life of the mechanical seal, usually about 2-3 years. 6) The seal is mainly used for volatile media occasions, such as liquid hydrocarbon media; sealing gas pressure is not demanding.

The seal is inadequate: 1) the seal is not completely dry gas seals, the overall performance between the mechanical seal and dry gas seals between. 2) The seal is suitable for the occasion of volatile media, the use of a narrow range.

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