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Chemical Pump Manufacture And Seal
Jun 18, 2016

1. sealed form for static sealed for, usually only sealed pad and sealed circle two species form, and sealed circle and to O type circle application most wide; media of stick degrees on pump of performance effect is is big of, dang stick degrees increased Shi, pump of head curve declined, best workers condition of head and flow are with of declined, and work mechanical sealed pieces rate is with of rose, thus efficiency reduced. General sample parameters for conveying water performance, when conveying sticky medium conversion should be carried out. The viscosity of high category, paste and sticky fluid transmission, suggested the use of screw pumps.

2. sealing material and chemical pump sealing materials such as o, under special circumstances the use of PTFE materials of mechanical seal ring materials configuration key is not cemented carbide the carbide on the best, price is one thing, no hardness difference also between unreasonable media features so it's best treated differently. For moving sealed, chemical pump rarely used filler sealed, to mechanical sealed mainly, mechanical sealed and has single end surface and double end surface, and balance type and non-balance type of points, balance type applies Yu high pressure media of sealed (usually refers to pressure is greater than 1.0MPa), double end surface machine seal main for high temperature, and easy Crystal, and has stick degrees, and containing particles and toxic volatile of media, double end surface machine seal should to sealed cavity in the injected isolation liquid, its pressure General above media pressure 0.07~0.1MPa.

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