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Correct Way To Dismantling The Mechanical Seal
Jun 18, 2016

Considerations when dismantling and repairs of mechanical sealing methods; when removing mechanical seal, is strictly prohibited to use the hammer and a shovel, and prevent damage to the sealing elements. When you pump mechanical seals on both ends, in the demolition process must be careful to prevent damage. On the use of mechanical seals, mechanical seals if the sealing surface of the gland loose movement of, the ring should be replaced parts, should not be tightened again to continue using. Because after loosening, mechanical seal friction pair in the original games transition track changes, interface is easy to seal is compromised.

Such as sealing elements are dirt or condensation, bond, clear the disassembly of the condensate of a mechanical seal. Installation carefully check the number of assembled seal parts the adequacy of all components for damage, particularly dynamic and static ring with no scratches, cracks and deformations and other defects. If you have any questions, need repair or replacement. Check the appropriateness of large inner sleeve or cover, do not meet the requirements must be trimmed. Mechanical seal components must be prior to installation using acetone or mechanical shaft seals without alcohol for cleaning.

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