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Design And Experimental Study On Dry Gas Seals For Fan
Oct 09, 2017

The performance parameters of the dry gas seals were calculated and the geometrical parameters of the spiral groove were determined. In order to verify the sealing performance of the dry gas seals, the experimental results were carried out. The experimental results were carried out. Which is in good agreement with the theoretical results.

With the development of modern industry, the fan shaft seal has undergone great changes, from the labyrinth seal, split ring seal and floating ring seal, contact mechanical seal to non-contact mechanical seal, sealing technology has made great progress The Dry gas seals is the end of the 1960s in the gas dynamic pressure bearing on the basis of a fundamental improvement in the mechanical seal developed a non-contact mechanical seal, the advantage of a small amount of leakage, to achieve zero leakage of the media, But also in the operation between the two ends of the formation of gas film, the face is not contact, so the power consumption is small, good work stability, long service life; commonly used in complex conditions, not allowed to leak the sealing situation.

An enterprise fan shaft seal for the double-face contact mechanical seal, liquid liquid for the oil. After a period of use, I think the Secretary of the mechanical seal has been a different degree of leakage, and more serious wear and tear, affecting the normal production of the entire device, to the enterprise to bring greater economic losses. In this paper, based on the conditions of the use of the original fan, through structural design, theoretical calculation and experimental study, carried out the fan with dry gas seals research and development.

1, sealed design

1.1, operating conditions parameters

The parameters of the use of the seal in Table 1.

Table 1 sealed use conditions

Sealed use conditions

1.2, structural design

In order to make the flammable and toxic gases in the transmission medium of the fan completely leak-free, and to ensure that the sealing structure and the system is relatively simple to meet the needs of the scene to determine the use of sealed with a buffer of double-end structure design, combined with the use of conditions , The specific structure of the design, the sealing structure shown in Figure 1, the main design parameters in Table 2. Both the main seal gas and the buffer gas are industrial nitrogen introduced from the outside, the main seal gas pressure is 0.6MPa, the buffer gas pressure is 0.3MPa, in which the role of the buffer gas is to prevent the outside of the media to contaminate the sealed end face and affect the main seal of the normal run.

2, experimental study

A Dry Gas Seals was conducted on the designed blown air blows to test whether the design was in compliance with the requirements. This test is in our hospital mechanical seal test device to complete the test device of the maximum test shaft diameter φ180mm, test speed of 0 ~ 3000r / min, variable frequency motor drive, can achieve stepless speed regulation.

The test protocol is shown in Fig. During the test operation, the high pressure N2 is decompressed by the pressure reducing valve, and the filter is filtered to provide the main sealing gas and the buffer gas continuously to the test seal. The leakage of the main sealing gas can be measured by the flowmeter.

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