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Design Of Machinery Seals Auxiliary Seal
Sep 21, 2017

Machinery Seals auxiliary seal design:

In Machinery Seals, the auxiliary seal ring includes a movable ring auxiliary seal ring and a static ring auxiliary seal ring which constitute a seal between the movable ring and the shaft (or sleeve), the static ring and the gland, respectively. As the sealing ring material has elasticity, it can play a resilient support effect to the sealing ring, and has some compensation and vibration absorption effect on the skew of the sealing end face and the vibration of the shaft (or sleeve), thus improving the sealing degree of the sealing end face. After the sealing end is worn, the auxiliary seal will be slightly compensated in the axial direction with the compensating ring under the spring force.

Machinery Seals commonly used auxiliary ring with rubber 0-ring, PTFE V-ring, O-ring and wedge ring and so on.

The rubber O-ring and the Teflon V-ring are preferred as auxiliary seals in most cases, but in some special process conditions, bellows can be used instead. For the low pressure, strong corrosion conditions of the polytetrafluoroethylene bellows can prevent the media along the axis (or sleeve) leakage, but also play a role in the ring ring auxiliary seal, but also the spring and sealed media separated Open, to prevent the spring is sealed by the corrosion of the medium due to the application of metal bellows Machinery Seals eliminates the need for rubber or plastic seals, can be used for high temperature and low temperature conditions. The use of rubber bellows for auxiliary sealing and elastic components, Machinery Seals structure can be simple and compact, easy to install and cheap, suitable for working pressure of not more than 1.5MPa, the temperature is not higher than 100 ℃ low parameter conditions.

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