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First, The Installation Of Machinery Seals
Jul 19, 2017

1, check the Machinery Seals to install the model, specifications are correct.

2, check the host and Machinery Seals related to the installation of Machinery Seals parts of the mechanical accuracy of the parts, geometric accuracy and mutual Machinery Seals with the kettle with the Machinery Seals with the technical requirements. Mainly in the following areas:

(1) Slip pump for mounting Machinery Seals parts (or bushings) Machinery Seals Radial runout tolerance, surface roughness and outside diameter tolerances for shafts (or bushings).

(2) Sealing chamber and gland non-standard Machinery Seals combination positioning end face axis (or sleeve) Centerline vertical tolerance.

(3) the end of the shaft (or sleeve) where the movable ring seal is mounted, the chamfering and finish of the end structure of the housing hole of the Machinery Seals

(4) Axial displacement of the Machinery Seals shaft during operation

3, the installation of Machinery Seals process, should be kept clean, and does not allow the use of tools to beat the sealing components to prevent damage and damage.

4, the installation, moving, static ring surface should be coated with a layer of clean oil and turbine oil. Auxiliary seals (including dynamic ring seals and static ring seals) must also be coated with a layer of clean oil or turbine oil before installation to ensure smooth installation.

5, the static ring seal sets in the back of the static ring, into the sealed end cap, pay attention to not damage the static ring end, to ensure that the static ring and the end of the end of the vertical line, and pay attention to the back of the static ring Alignment against the transfer, but can not touch.

6, the Machinery Seals of the rotation part, relying on the spring seat on the two fixed screws and shaft fixed, tighten the fixing screw, to ensure the working length of the spring.

Second, the use of Machinery Seals

1, the host started before the need to check the Machinery Seals attached to the device, cooling and lubrication system is perfect and smooth.

2, before starting the material pipeline should be cleaned to prevent rust impurities into the sealed cavity.

3, hand plate dynamic coupling, check the shaft is easy to rotate, if the disk is very heavy, need to check the installation size is correct.

4, normal driving, the need for static pressure test, check the Machinery Seals of the end, seal and seal at the end of the sealing effect, if any problems, one by one to check to solve.

5, the host before starting, should keep the sealed cavity filled with liquid or sealed medium, if a separate sealing system should be started, the cooling water system must begin to flow.

6, normal use, the first atmospheric operation, observe the temperature rise of the sealed parts is normal, whether the phenomenon of leakage. If there is a slight leak, you can run for some time, so that the end of the paste more evenly to the leakage gradually reduced to normal so far. Such as running 1-3 hours, the leakage is still not reduced, you need to stop inspection.

7, the normal conditions of operation, boost the temperature can be carried out separately, and pay attention to the end of the temperature rise and leakage, such as all normal, that can be put into production use. Parking, you should first stop the host, after the stop cooling lubrication system.

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