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Gas-lubricated Non-contact Machinery Seals Are Operating Range
Jun 16, 2017

At work, there is only one layer of D. The table space will lubricate the gas between the two sliding surfaces by non-contact Machinery Seals to create gaps, and the two sliding surfaces of the non-contact Machinery Seals should be in contact with each other. In order to achieve this purpose, in a circle of three-dimensional groove, to ensure that the static and dynamic air play a role. In the air pressure generated by the effect of sealing pressure, sealing, rotation of the resulting aerodynamic effects. The force of the balance of the lift and the formation of the closure, thus forming a 1 ~ 5 D seal gap width.

Application of Gas Lubricated Non - Contact Machinery Seals in Stirrer

Gas mixer in the use of non-contact Machinery Seals on the user has three major advantages: 1, no leakage; 2, the quality of the product has no effect; 3, the reaction is small or no effect;

Non-contact Machinery Seals, there are some other advantages. Including: 1, cleaning operation (GMP); 2, the friction loss is small; 3, the noise does not occur; 4, mechanical wear is small or no wear. If the sealing system of the mixer is suitable for the above requirements, the seal is applicable.

In pressure applications, non-contact Machinery Seals are usually used in vacuum conditions up to 6 bar.

According to the user's Machinery Seals part of the use of liquid lubricating seals for many years experience, each product can not be used in the past for liquid seal gas seal. The main consideration is the high sensitivity of the sealing product factors (for example, sealing surface contact). In order to counteract this effect and use a variety of ingredients to study, such as embedded mounting flange patents. When the contactless Machinery Seals seal automatically aligns the surface degradation characteristics, switch to gas consumption, the sealing surface is washed clean. The flush mounting edge can be used for steel containers, especially for enamel containers (plastic). In addition to applying experience gained from new insights and gas seals, a range of storage and use. When the seal is first changed, the shipping between the shipping and the start of the seal can be used after many years. At the same time, various factors are characterized by the effect of gas sealing. Do not accidentally add too much oil or grease or grease to the grease during assembly - or infiltrate the seal gap. Then use, the resulting gap is not balanced, the Machinery Seals is damaged. According to the work of the Machinery Seals before the start, should be checked.

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