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How To Choose And Use Of Seal
Jun 18, 2016

1. we undergo a rigorous selection and long experience, has produced a series of mechanical seal supply channels, we supply the sealing industry's most comprehensive, in terms of production quality, checks can be very well, steady quality level. Plus we adhere to the quality seal not to blindly pursue high profits at the expense of customer requirements for quality seals.

2. storage if we station in customer of position, to production sealed pieces, must mechanical sealed pieces note dealer or sealed pieces store whether knows care sealed pieces, if dealer store improper, handed customer of, may is has scrap of sealed pieces, because store sealed pieces, is a specific requirements of, for example store at room temperature best in Celsius 30 degrees following, avoid sealed pieces produced high temperature aging; sealed pieces must store in sealed packaging within, avoid and air in the of water or dust contact; sealed pieces must avoid strong light irradiation, Avoid sealing or premature aging by erosion of ozone in the air, so we recommend customers when choosing a supplier, must see the proper storage of seals, or whatever the seal production plant can provide high quality seals and sent to the customer of the seals they may only have been scrapped.

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