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How To Distinguish Between Machinery Seals And Hydraulic Seals
Jul 19, 2017

The biggest difference between a Machinery Seals and a hydraulic seal is that the Machinery Seals is one of the high-precision mechanical base seals (components).

First, the definition of Machinery Seals and hydraulic seals:

Machinery Seals are classified as fine, and the structure is one of the mechanical components of the machine with a Machinery Seals. It is a key component of Machinery Seals for kettle, reaction pack, turbine compressor, submersible motor and so on. Its sealing function and service life depends on many elements, such as selection, the accuracy of the machine, the use of accurate devices.

Hydraulic seal pressure request, the request surface with a certain degree of finish, the sealing element used more rubber, through the part of the deformation of the seal to close the role.

Second, Machinery Seals and hydraulic seals classification

Machinery Seals type: type of container seal, light Machinery Seals type, heavy Machinery Seals type.

Hydraulic seals: Contains lip seals, V seals, U seals, Y seals, YX seals.

Hydraulic seals are commonly used in a number of combinations of seal: contains a bud-shaped circle, the grid to circle and the special seal.

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