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Hydraulic Seals Mechanical Seals And What Is The Difference Between
Jun 18, 2016

Mechanical seals are precision and structure of mechanical seal for Kettle as a component of complex mechanical Foundation, is synthesized by reaction with various pumps, reactor, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other key components of the device. Seal performance and life depends on many factors, such as selection, accuracy, correct installation and use of the machine.

Hydraulic sealing pressure for, require the combination mechanical seal for Kettle finish, sealing elements, the use of rubber through the effect of local deformation of the sealing up close.

Mechanical seal type: cartridge type seal, light series, heavy duty machinery seal mechanical seal series

Hydraulic seals: lip type seal, v-ring, y-shaped, u-shaped seal ring seal ring and the YX-ring and commonly used combinations of the hydraulic cylinder seals are mainly Lei-ring, cell ring and Sturt.

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