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Kettle With Machinery Seals Structure Characteristics
Jun 28, 2017

From the principle of sealing, the kettle, the chute is mechanically sealed with the Machinery Seals of the pump, but it is pumped with Machinery Sealss which have common operating conditions and operating techniques, and therefore, in the sealing structure of the design and sealing system of the request with the pump With Machinery Sealss are different, and has its own characteristics:

1, the mixing axis of the radial oscillation and axial movement of large

Kettle, the trough of the shaft for the vertical structure, shaft diameter, respectively Φ178 and Φ120mm, hanging with mechanical mechanical arm length, in the mixing, the material produced by the vortex in addition to the level of activities, but also the vertical direction of the cycle Activity, thus resulting in radial oscillation of the mixing shaft. In addition, the axial thrust of the mixing, the self-weight of the mixing shaft and the axial load of the material pressure are caused by the axial load. These undesirable factors can lead to poor adhesion of the sealing end face, unstable liquid film, and sometimes The soft seal environment crack, the formation of the reactor Machinery Seals seal failure.

2, gas seal

Kettle, the chute with a Machinery Seals of the sealed medium is mostly in the gas, rather than liquid, because the kettle material is usually not full kettle, as long as the material is full when the liquid is liquid, so the operating conditions of tight sealing conditions , Sealing the end face is often in the gas coherent conflict, so that the sealing end wear and tear increased.

3, variable operating conditions

Material in the kettle for chemical reactions, the process is the temperature and pressure of high temperature and pressure to normal temperature and pressure; when the new material into the kettle, the kettle temperature and pressure from the head back to high temperature and pressure. Pressure and temperature repeated replacement change, to bring bad luck seal, easy to make Machinery Seals end of the hydraulic deformation and thermal deformation, the formation of sealed end leakage. Together, the repeated changes in temperature and pressure are also easy to speed up the aging of the auxiliary seal deformation, resulting in sealing failure.

4, sealed assembly and disassembly should be convenient

The reactor is usually a vertical device, its installation: electric - reducer - rack - reactor. The Machinery Seals is between the kettle flange and the coupling of the frame so that the Machinery Seals can be removed from the axle neutral between the shafts. The kettle with a Machinery Seals selected container type, it is a flange, sleeve, short axis and Machinery Seals assembled into one, can be sold in the kettle alone, and then directly put on, so easy assembly and disassembly. There is no neutral gear between the shaft and the drive shaft. The Machinery Seals is directly mounted on the shaft. There are two propulsion bearings on the upper end of the seal. When installing and dismounting, remove the motor and rack, and then install the Machinery Seals. Stupid, demand lifting equipment to carry out, loading and unloading Machinery Seals fee time.

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