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Machinery Seals Equipment Precautions
Jul 07, 2017

Machinery Seals for the use of performance, played a primary effect of Grundfos Machinery Seals, how to install Machinery Seals, Machinery Seals do not supply attention to the details of the details, will cause damage to the seal, the same will give the mechanical Equipment to bring a lot of damage, so we have mechanical equipment in the Machinery Seals must pay attention to the following three major issues.

(1) the determination of equipment standards

Equipment, the product should be used in accordance with the instructions to import Machinery Seals books or samples to ensure that the Machinery Seals of the equipment standards.

(2) Before loading, the shaft (bushings), the gland should be free of burrs, the bearing in good condition; seals, shafts, sealed cavities, glands are greener Machinery Seals should be cleaned and cleaned. In order to reduce the friction resistance, the mechanical parts of the shaft on the mechanical parts of the thin layer to be coated with a layer of oil to be smooth, taking into account the rubber O-ring assembly Machinery Seals compatibility, if not oil, can be coated with soap and water. Floating static ring without anti-dump structure, not oil, should be dry into the gland.

(3) First install the static ring with the gland seal on the shaft, be careful not to touch the shaft, and then load the moving ring assembly. Tension seat or drive seat set screws should be evenly tightened several times.

Before the gland is not fixed, push the compensation ring for axial compression, release the compensation ring can automatically bounce back without jamming phenomenon, and then tighten the gland bolts.

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