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Machinery Seals Of The Fundamental Components Of The Effect
Oct 09, 2017

1) End face conflict (static, moving ring)

Conflict pairs should be tightened to form a sealing surface to avoid media leakage. This requires a pump seal with a Machinery Seals must have excellent wear resistance; dynamic ring can move axially, take the initiative to compensate the sealing surface wear, so that with the static ring outstanding fit; static ring from the float from the buffer effect.

2) elastic components (tension springs, bellows, barriers, etc.)

It is the first to take off, preload and cushioning effect, but also on the sealing side of the occurrence of reasonable than the pressure of the elements. Request it kettle Machinery Seals always adhere to the elasticity to overcome the auxiliary seal and transmission parts of the conflict and the inertia of the ring, to ensure that the end of the conflict of the outstanding fit and dynamic ring compensation effect.

3) auxiliary seal (O-ring, V-ring, wedge ring and other special-shaped seal ring)

It is mainly played on the relative stop pieces of the sealing effect, together also play a float and buffer effect. The help of the static ring of the auxiliary sealing element to ensure that the static ring and gland between the sealing and sealing ring has a certain starting from the floating; request dynamic ring auxiliary sealing element to ensure that the dynamic ring and the seal between the sleeve. Data should be heat-resistant, cold-resistant and compatible with the media touch.

4) transmission parts (drive pin, drive ring, drive block, drive sets, drive keys)

It plays the axis of the torque transmitted to the action of the ring; the center drive of the drive pin, pressure ring, transmission ring, transmission pin and drive seat have played a transmission effect. Data request corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

5) fastening (set screws, torsion seat, gland, assembled sets, sleeve)

It plays the static, moving ring positioning, fastening and dressing effect. Request it to locate the exact, to ensure that the conflict side seal in an accurate position, and adhere to the outstanding fit of the tension spring pressure. Together with the request for easy disassembly, easy to place, to repeat the effect, and auxiliary sealing cooperation should pay attention to the device seal ring chamfering and ring of the amount of pressure, should be particularly concerned about the ring to help seal ring and sleeve cooperation corrosion resistance , Wear-resistant, if necessary, can take hard surface coating.

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