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Mechanical Seal Device Use
Jun 18, 2016

1, equipment imports mechanical seals of the shaft runout should be less than 0.04 mm, axial momentum does not allow more than 0.1 mm;
2, sealing parts of the device in the device should adhere to the clean, seal parts should be clean cartridge mechanical seals and seal intact prevent cartridge mechanical seal impurities and dust into the seal;
3, equipment during prohibition hit, struck, preventing damage which makes mechanical seals subject to seal failures;
4, when the device is in contact with sealing surface should be coated with a layer of clean oil to smooth device;
5, when the seal end plate, tighten the screws is necessary to force uniform to ensure static loop end surface perpendicular to the axis of the needs;
6, pushed by hand after the device rings, can make thanks to rings on the shaft moves, and have some degree of flexibility;
7, equipment with their hands move hinge, hinge should be no heavy feeling;
8, before the job need to be full of media in order to prevent conflict and seal failure.

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