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Mechanical Seal Principle And Analysis Of Materials
Jun 18, 2016

(1) compared with the soft packing seal, mechanical seal and reliable, sealed in the long running very stable, leak is very small, leaky about soft packing seal 1%;

(2) long life of mechanical seals, in the media of oil, water and can be up to 1-2 or more, mechanical seal in chemical media can work for more than six months;

(3) clean the small power consumption, mechanical seal friction power only soft stuffing seal of 10%~50%;

(4) the use of mechanical seal shaft or sleeve basically no wear;

(5) maintenance cycle is long, the end face mechanical seal automatic wear compensation, normally do not need regular maintenance;

(6) mechanical seal good vibration resistance, vibration of rotating shaft and shaft on the seal cavity of oblique is not sensitive;

(7) for a wide range of mechanical seal used in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum and rotate at different frequencies, and a variety of corrosive and abrasive medium seal.

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