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Membrane Machinery Seals Problems And Solutions
Jul 07, 2017

Mainly to some of the simple to introduce some of the problems for the gas film Machinery Seals problems and questions, the first part of the Machinery Seals is not talking about the equipment does not send, sealed in the low-speed GB Machinery Seals pressure of the work, the second some Speaking of sealing the face of the crack, replace the seal and repair.

First, the film of the Machinery Seals surface cracking problems doubt:

During the operation of the kettle Machinery Seals, the possibility of cracking the Machinery Seals model on the end face of the seal is small, but it is not possible to completely remove the possibility of forming this condition when the seal is not properly operated. If the seal is cracked on the technical medium side, the pressure in the kettle will increase significantly. Therefore, in the design of kettle Machinery Seals with the city's equipment and equipment need to take this into account Oh

Second, how to replace or repair the film Machinery Seals doubt:

Kettle with kettle Machinery Seals most of the use of container equipment, trained axial flow pump Machinery Seals training of the assembly staff is very simple to replace. Because of the particularity of the seal face and the design of the groove, it is not possible to add the end face of the seal. So that the user should have spare replacement parts or a set of sealing equipment.

Third, improper equipment of the film Machinery Seals:

When the gas film Machinery Seals is opened with a one-way groove, the kettle Machinery Seals can only move in a direction of rotation. In the design of equipment should pay attention to the direction of rotation of the doubt. If the kettle Machinery Seals ring rotation direction and the opposite side of the spindle, please agree in a short time; long-term so, will lead to sealed touch dry work, more exaggerated face wear. But in the low-speed working state, because the sealing face is actually broken and the probability of failure is not very high.

Fourth, the sealing ring at low speed without pressure work:

A gas film Machinery Seals that does not supply a low-speed gas for clogging gas, and there is a partial touch in Trent. If the lack of gas will also attack this situation, and can not gas pressure. The sealing work of the soft and hard sealing material is similar to the dry working seal, accompanied by wear. If the use of hard-end sealing material, sealing the original flavor of all the time is the question. Even so, the sealed end face will not simply attack the natural damage.

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