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Polyurethane Seals
Jun 18, 2016

1, the concept of polyurethane seals

Oil seal is the seal of polyurethane materials of seals. Seal is defined by at least one pair of end face perpendicular to the axis of rotation the fluid pressure and compensation unit elastic (or magnetic) and auxiliary coordinates remain posted combined Grand rich mechanical sliding device for sealing and to prevent fluid leakage.

2, oil seals of polyurethane materials

Polyurethane material is currently the best imported mechanical seal insulation materials. Main chain polymers containing-NHCOO-repeating structural units of a class of. The initials PU. Diisocyanate (monomeric) and hydroxyl compounds polymerized. Since carbamic acid esters containing polar base, does not dissolve in non-polar groups, has good oil resistance, toughness, wear resistance, aging resistance and adhesion. Different materials can be made to adapt a wide temperature range (-50~150℃) of the material, including cartridge mechanical seal elastomers, thermoplastics and thermosetting resin. Not resistant to hydrolysis at high temperature, it is not resistant to alkaline medium.

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