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Pump Seals Base Material
May 17, 2017

Pump Seals is installed in the pump equipment from the dynamic seal of the device to avoid the pump volute in the fluid medium through the pump shaft out of the pump out of a component; because the pump for the delivery of fluid medium, with a level Installation, high speed, high pressure, with solid particles, corrosive and so on, so the Pump Seals body material often need to resist the erosion of solid particles, high speed to bring the sealing surface high temperature abrasion, high pressure to bring the seal Parameter instability, the corrosion of the substrate structure and other unfavorable factors, the mechanical seal sealing material requirements are higher, usually sealing surface friction pairs Optional materials are nickel-based carbide, cobalt-based carbide, pressureless sintered silicon carbide , The reaction of sintered silicon carbide, dipped in metal graphite, PTFE filled graphite, PTFE filled glass fiber, aluminum oxide special ceramics, etc .; matrix material can be selected for 2Cr13 stainless steel, 301 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel, PTFE and so on; spring compensation material optional material for Hastelloy, 1Cr18Ni9Ti 3Cr13 and so on;

Pump Seals graphite ring and the media contact by the corrosion, resulting in the overall deformation of the graphite ring material, resulting in pits, softening disintegration, resulting in mechanical seal leakage pump.

Analysis of Mechanical Seal of Pump

1. Strong acid or high concentration of alkali will cause the overall corrosion of the graphite ring, in this case sealed both static and operation will continue to leak.

2. Impregnated resin graphite ring, when the face overheating, the temperature is greater than 180 degrees, the impregnation is the resin is precipitated, so that the wear resistance decreased, or resin impregnation depth is not enough, when grinding impregnated layer, graphite ring wear resistance decline.

3. The graphite ring of the Pump Seals is incompatible with the use of the media.

Pump Seals solution

1. Pump Seals replacement material, according to the media conditions to determine the material.

2. Establish a sealed cooling system to reduce the operating temperature of the graphite ring.

3. Pump Seals selection Corrosion-resistant impregnated resin, using high pressure impregnation, increase the depth of graphite ring dipping.

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