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Seal Life Is A Crucial Consideration When You Choose Your Seal.
Feb 23, 2017

Seal life is a crucial consideration when you choose your seal. Long service life increases the availability of your system and cuts down your repair and spare parts costs. You can expect a lip seal or dry running mechanical seal to last for 2 years on average. Liquid lubricated mechanical seals will last much longer (7 – 10 years), and they have a proven track record going back many years as shaft seals in agitators and other special machinery.

Leakage can be monitored, for example, at a drain port on all of the cartridge seals discussed in this article. Not only that, you can measure the level of wear on a Burgmann SeccoMix (dry-running seal) when the machine is stopped. To get reliable leakage monitoring results on a lip cartridge seal, the sealing function of the outboard lip seal must be intact, which is not always the case. If verification of the sealing function is even possible (and it may not be), it would take an awful lot of outlay.

This means that all of the systems discussed in this article are suitable for top drive machines if the seals are buffered and leakage is extracted to a gas collection system. On the other hand you should use multiple mechanical seals and a suitable buffer system on machines with side or bottom drive.

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