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Selection Of Machinery Seals Structure Type
Sep 21, 2017

     Machinery Seals  structure type selection:

     The choice of Machinery Seals  structure type is an important step in the design process. When selecting the Machinery Seals  structure type, due to the diversity of Machinery Seals  structure, according to the different use, the specific requirements and working conditions, select the appropriate structure Type. In the initial selection, from the following points to consider:

     (1) medium characteristics: concentration, viscosity, corrosion, with or without solid particles and fiber impurities, whether it is easy to vaporize or crystallization;

     (2) working parameters: the pressure of the sealed medium and temperature, shaft diameter and speed;

     (3) Requirements for the allowable leakage and leakage direction of the sealed medium (pump, kettle and process equipment, etc.), the life and reliability requirements of the sealing device;

     (4) the host of the sealing device structure size restrictions;

     (5) the stability of the operation and production process.

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