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Service Life And Reliability Of Mechanical Seals
Jun 18, 2016

1, establish appropriate working environment in a sealed Chamber, such as mechanical seals factory temperature control effectively remove solid particles, control the rapid fluctuations in pressure and temperature; effective liquid film formed between the seal faces (if necessary, the use of double sealing and sealing).

2, seal technical specifications to meet requirements.

3, high rigidity, precision manufacturing of pump.

We use the statistical reliability of sealing of the following values:

1, L10 life

When a part sample running time of failure when the number reached 10% in the array called L10 life.

2, the average life expectancy (MTBF)

Average working time is defined as the sampling interval followed by failure of the arithmetic mean,

MTBF=(L1+L2+?? +Ln)/n

L1, L2--single seal in working life.

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