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The Seals Of The Engine Maintenance
Jun 18, 2016

Engine seal type and its application
Engine seal material quality and the correct choice, and directly influences the sealing performance of the engine.
Cork gasket
Cork seal is composed of granular Cork to proper factory sealed adhesive press. Often used to cover side cover, oil pan, water outlet, thermostat pump with mechanical seal, pump and valve covers. In use, due to the soft wood easily broken, install the inconvenience, Hyundai has no preferred type of gasket mechanical seals factory, but still can be use as a substitute.
Gasket asbestos sheet gasket
Gasket asbestos is asbestos fiber plate made of mixed materials and adhesive materials, heat resistance, pressure resistance, oil resistance, deformation and so on. Often used in the carburetor, fuel pump, oil filter, timing gear case, etc.
Oil-resistant rubber pad
Oil-resistant rubber pad is mainly based on nitrile rubber and natural rubber, add the flux of added material into. It is often formed mats for automobile engine seals, mainly used in the oil pan, valve covers, timing gear case and air filter.

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