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The Structural Characteristics And Types Of Machinery Seals
Oct 24, 2017

In order to habit not the same as the operating conditions of the need for Machinery Seals are a variety of different types:

1, according to the sealing end of the logarithm, divided into single-ended, double-ended and other Machinery Seals.

Single end - in the sealing device as long as a pair of sealed face. It is simple structure, is commonly used Machinery Seals type.

Double end face - Two pairs of sealed end faces in the sealing device. It is complex, suitable for strong corrosion, flammable assembly Machinery Seals explosive, toxic and harmful media and vacuum occasions.

2, according to the role of sealing fluid on the sealing end of the pressure is Granville Machinery Seals unloading or unloading, can be divided into balanced and non-balanced Machinery Seals.

Balance - Sealed fluid action on the sealing end of the pressure on the Machinery Seals force part of the load unloading or full unloading.

Unbalanced - sealed fluid acts on the seal end face without pressure unloading.

Balanced for Machinery Seals in medium and high pressure conditions; non-balanced Machinery Seals for low pressure conditions.

3, according to the tension spring is not placed within the sealed fluid, divided into tension spring built-in and tension spring external Machinery Seals.

The tension spring is built into the sealed fluid.

The tread spring is placed outside the sealed fluid.

Tension spring built-in sealed end of the force state is good, leakage is small, good cooling and lubrication. Therefore, in addition to corrosive media, you should make the best use of built-in structure.

4, according to the structure of the number of torsion spring, divided into single tension and multi-tensioned Machinery Seals.

Single tension spring - in the compensation organization as long as a tension spring. It is used for applications where the load is small and the shaft diameter is small.

Multi-tensioning - There are multiple ballet springs in the compensation organization. For larger shafts. Sealing end of the tension on the tension distribution is more uniform, but the small diameter of tianxian wire, corrosion on the impact of greater tension.

5, according to the compensation organization is not rotating with the axis, divided into rotary and stop Machinery Seals.

Rotary - The compensation ring rotates with the shaft.

Stop - The compensation ring does not rotate with the shaft.

The usual Machinery Seals is often used in the rotary type, because the structure of the compensation organization and the shaft is simple, the radial scale is small. However, under high-speed conditions, the compensation ring and other rolling parts of the centrifugal force greater impact, high dynamic balance request, the choice of stop is more appropriate.

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