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What Are The Major Ways To View The Goods When Purchasing Machinery Seals?
Jul 19, 2017

As consumers from the procurement of goods will be on the spot to see the goods are good or bad, look at the seal factory seems to have a simple view of a great knowledge, the resolution of the number of goods. Mechanical goods to see more need to look cautious, if the initial view of the goods will also lead to a variety of shortcomings. The following for the majority of consumers bear how to check the seal is good or bad.

First, the Machinery Seals of the overall inspection

1, Machinery Seals inside without any impurities, in the assembled Machinery Seals before the complete cleaning ring, static ring, sleeve and other components.

2, see the dynamic ring appearance is not there scratches, crack Machinery Seals factory and other shortcomings, these shortcomings exist will form a Machinery Seals serious leakage. Conditionally able to use a special tool to see whether the sealing surface is flat, the sealing surface is not smooth, the pressure of water will enter the Machinery Seals after the Machinery Seals sealing surface, the dynamic pump with Machinery Seals ring separation, Machinery Seals failure. If necessary, to produce tooling before the assembly of water pressure experiment.

3, see the dynamic ring seat is not the impact of the shortcomings of the seal. Such as dynamic ring seat and dynamic ring seal appearance is not a disadvantage.

4, see the Machinery Seals compensation tension spring is not damaged and deformation, tenacious coefficient is not changed.

5, check the seal sleeve is not there glitches, groove marks and other shortcomings.

6, cleaning to see all sealed apron is not the existence of cracks, stomata and other shortcomings, measuring the diameter of the apron is not within the tolerance range.

7, with a Machinery Seals of the pumping organization but also to see the spiral pump spiral is not the existence of cracks, broken lines and other shortcomings.

8, to see the dynamic ring and shaft or sleeve of the gap, the inner diameter of the static ring is usually larger than the shaft diameter of 1 ~ 2mm, for the dynamic ring, to ensure that the floating, diameter diameter shaft diameter 0.5 ~ 1mm, to compensate for vibration And skew, but the gap can not be too large, otherwise it will make the dynamic ring seal into the Machinery Seals function of the damage.

Second, the sleeve to view

After the repair of the sleeve to remove the rust and wear after the situation, if the corrosion or wear is relatively subtle, can be used to light sandpaper and then use, if the corrosion or wear and tear can be used after the repair method of plating or replacement of new sleeve.

Third, the seal ring

Seal ring through a period of use after most of the circumstances to lose elasticity or aging, usually under the circumstances need to replace the new circle.

Four, tension spring

1, if the tension spring is not severe, can adhere to the original flexibility, can not replace. If the contrast of the corrosion is severe or the elasticity is reduced, the demand is to replace the new tension spring.

2, the Machinery Seals correction in the future, from scratch to assemble, assembled the same after the pressure test, and then put into normal operation.

3, on the assembly of the Machinery Seals, to clean up the box, and see the groove is not wear or deformation, in order to proofreading correction, from scratch or replacement.

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