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Will The Machinery Seals Be Sealed When It Is To Be Turned?
Jul 07, 2017

1, push-type Machinery Seals and non-push Machinery Seals

Press-type Machinery Seals refers to the Machinery Seals along the shaft or sleeve to compensate for the sealing surface of the Machinery Seals, usually refers to the spring-loaded Machinery Seals.

The non-pressurized Machinery Seals is used to assist in sealing the Machinery Seals that is secured to the shaft, usually a bellows Machinery Seals.

2, balanced Machinery Seals and non-balanced Machinery Seals

Machinery Seals The pressure in the sealed chamber acts on the movable ring. The Machinery Seals of the slurry pump becomes a closing force, and the liquid film between the end faces forms the opening force. Load factor K> 1, sealed as non-balanced Machinery Seals. General unbalanced Machinery Sealss can only be used for low pressure. When the pressure is greater than a certain limit, the sealing film between the liquid film will be squeezed out. In the loss of liquid film lubrication and high load, the Machinery Seals of the sealed face will soon be damaged. The unbalanced Machinery Seals can not balance the effect of the liquid on the end face, and the end face increases with the rise in fluid pressure.

Load factor K <1, sealed as a balanced Machinery Seals. Balanced Machinery Seals The step on the built-in seal shaft allows the seal end face to extend radially inward without reducing the width of the Machinery Seals sealing surface of the kettle. The opening force of the seal is constant, but since the movable ring has a large area exposed to the liquid, the closing force is balanced by a considerable portion. Balanced Machinery Seals The method of balancing the outer seal is the same as the built-in Machinery Seals except that the force is in the opposite direction. In this case, increase the share of the hydraulic force in the closing force to offset the opening force of the liquid film between the non-standard Machinery Sealsing surfaces of the Machinery Seals. The balanced Machinery Seals partially balances the effect of the liquid on the end face, and the end face pressure rises slowly as the fluid pressure rises. General non-balanced Machinery Seals can only be used for low pressure, but the lubrication performance is poor, low boiling point, easy to vaporize the medium and high-speed conditions, even under low pressure, should also use balanced Machinery Seals. Because for the non-balanced Machinery Seals, when the Machinery Seals chamber pressure increases, will seal the liquid film between the end of the extrusion, so that the sealing surface of the Machinery Seals quickly damaged. Balanced Machinery Sealss can be used for a variety of pressure applications.

3, no pressure double Machinery Seals and pressure double Machinery Seals

Single-end Machinery Seals is only a pair of friction pairs, simple structure, manufacturing, easy disassembly, generally only need to set the flushing system, do not need outside the liquid seal system.

Pressure double Machinery Seals (formerly known as double-end Machinery Seals) refers to two pairs of friction pairs, the structure is complex, the need for external sealing liquid system, pressure double Machinery Seals sealed cavity access medium pressure higher than 0.5 ~ 1.5bar Isolation fluid, from the plug, lubrication and other effects, the isolation of the inner seal to play a role in lubrication. No pressure double seal (formerly known as series seal) refers to two pairs of friction pairs, the structure is complex, the need for external sealing liquid system, pressure-free double sealed sealed chamber of the buffer is not pressurized, the process of lubrication to the inner seal effect.

Under normal circumstances, should be preferred single-ended Machinery Seals, because the single-ended Machinery Seals structure is simple, easy to use, low prices. However, in the following occasions, the preferred dual Machinery Seals.

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